Wanted: Sword and Shield figure chain straps

Hello everybody~ I've just seen the recently announced SW/SH ball chain figure straps, and was curious to ask if anyone is taking claims for these? Or to at least split the bill since I wanted Wooloo, Gossifleur and Eldegloss from this set XD

My shipping address is in Canada, so if anyone has any shipping eligibility then I would comply to your offer. :D

Leaked Tomy goods!

So, I was just browsing YesAsia and guess what?

Collapse )

Yeah boy, they're doin' it again! :D

And it's not just rehashes of exsisting characters, we've got MEGA BEEDRILL AND MEGA SHARPEDO alongside Shiny Mega Gardevoir, Shiny Mega Gengar and Volcanion! :DDDD As well as Mega Tyranitar for individual release but still, YES finally we have actual cool things from MonColle!

And... there's not really a whole lot to talk about but still, this is really exciting news to me and collectors alike! So, what do you think guys? Do you like how Tomy is now doing Shiny Mega's or are they just for filler or whatever? :P

A challenger has emerged from the shadows!

It's-a me... Spunkio! ^^; Wrong script, whoopsie!

Haha, anyways, hey y'all! I'm SpunkyBandy the newest member of the PKMNcollectors crew!
I am a novice, in collection cool Pokemon figures of every character and form in the games and do love to chat!

Now, I would love to show off my collection but, me and my family are in the process of moving to another house until December 16th, so I'll make a post eventually about my collection!

Anyways, thank you so much for having me here as an official member of the community, I'd love to meet you all and buy some stuff from you guys! :D
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